This passionate Mermaid at the edge of the sea, with sugilite mountains, kyanite sea, fire agate matrix beach, ceruleite sky, has a mother of pearl backing creating an iridescent mermaid.

  • Hand Made
  • One of a kind, available now
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • $6,250

This optical grade quartz is carved into a giant drop from the sea containing sea grass and two mermaids (reverse Intaglio) dancing in the water. They have gold leafed tails and the stone sits atop of a large chryscolla drusi and matrix base.

  • Hand Made
  • One of a Kind
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • $6,500

This mermaid took a long time to be realized. The raw opal stayed with me for months, to develop a connection and bring it to life. A partnership with John Ternus who supplied the material, and helped with the design.

  • Australian Black Opal
  • Wrought Iron Steel Spout
  • Paraiba Tourmalines inlaid into base.
  • Archive, Out of Circulation


This simple, elegant, mermaid floats above a Rainbow Obsidian wave set in Silver with 14k supports. Mermaid carved reverse Intaglio in quartz with gold leafed bubbles.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Sculpture with Rianbow Obsidian Wave base
  • A similar item can be custom ordered