Exquisite Horsehead carving in Optical Quartz, Yukon Green Jade back, set in Platinum, hand engraved, 18K accents, and Pendant/Pearl Enhancer Clasp. Pearls not included.

  • One of a Kind
  • Reverse Intaglio
  • Ships worldwide from the USA
  • $8500

This passionate Mermaid at the edge of the sea, with sugilite mountains, kyanite sea, fire agate matrix beach, ceruleite sky, has a mother of pearl backing creating an iridescent mermaid.

  • Hand Made
  • One of a kind, available now
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • $6,250

My large opal horsehead carving with flowing mane was set by and designed by Jennifer Inge in Colorado. It is set in silver with gold accents, braided horsehair, paraiba tourmaline, and river pearl. Archive.

  • SOLD
  • Handmade Item
  • Similar Item may be custom ordered.


Rubelite Tourmaline dramaticaly carved horsehead. Set with a hidden gold framework. Archive.

  • Archive
  • SOLD
  • Handmade Item
  • A similar item may be custom ordered
  • $6000 + Material  

Brazilian Amethyst Horseheads, set in 18k and diamond band, with a braided hose hair necklace by Jennifer Inge.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Can be custom ordered
  • Ships worldwide from the USA
  • $6500

A super fine reverse intaglio carving in quartz on multi-colored sugilite. Created as a locket.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Unique Sugilite background
  • In 18k gold
  • Ships worldwide from the USA

This rare red topaz was uniquily set in platinum with diamonds and black jade drops. Can be worn seperately.

  • SOLD, Archives
  • A similar item can be custom ordered


This was one of my first, developing and improving every time.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Reverse Intaglio Horse Head 
  • Lapis Back
  • A similar design can be custom ordered
This streamlined, elegant, solid 14k gold pendant is inlaid with Afghanistan Lapis with flecks of pyrite.
Measurements are 31.5 h x 10 w x 3.5 d mm. Small: 24 h x 8.5 w x 3.5 d mm,
and has your choice of no inlay ($488) or color semi precious gem for an additional $90. Chain not included.
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 14k gold, Lapis, Afghanistan Lapis
  • Ships worldwide from United States

Gem Silica Chrysocolla, (Inspiration Mine) Hand Faceted Links . Platinum with Paraiba Tourmaline in Clasp. A Labor of Love, 1/3 of my career in the making. Good feel, fun to hold.

  • Link Necklace, 16"
  • Sea Green
  • Ships Worldwide from USA
  • $42,500