A small unique serendipitous journey. The struggle, the glow. Archive

  • Reverse intaglio, 18kt gold
  • Ships from the US to anywhere in the world
  • SOLD, Custom order available
  • $3500


This stunning color match of fire agate matrix with the beloved bulldog, created a beautiful pendant.

  • Hand Carved, Archived Item
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • ~$2000

My large opal horsehead carving with flowing mane was set by and designed by Jennifer Inge in Colorado. It is set in silver with gold accents, braided horsehair, paraiba tourmaline, and river pearl. Archive.

  • SOLD
  • Handmade Item
  • Similar Item may be custom ordered.


A super fine reverse intaglio carving in quartz on multi-colored sugilite. Created as a locket.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Unique Sugilite background
  • In 18k gold
  • Ships worldwide from the USA

This rare red topaz was uniquily set in platinum with diamonds and black jade drops. Can be worn seperately.

  • SOLD, Archives
  • A similar item can be custom ordered


This mermaid took a long time to be realized. The raw opal stayed with me for months, to develop a connection and bring it to life. A partnership with John Ternus who supplied the material, and helped with the design.

  • Australian Black Opal
  • Wrought Iron Steel Spout
  • Paraiba Tourmalines inlaid into base.
  • Archive, Out of Circulation


This simple, elegant, mermaid floats above a Rainbow Obsidian wave set in Silver with 14k supports. Mermaid carved reverse Intaglio in quartz with gold leafed bubbles.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Sculpture with Rianbow Obsidian Wave base
  • A similar item can be custom ordered

This was one of my first, developing and improving every time.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Reverse Intaglio Horse Head 
  • Lapis Back
  • A similar design can be custom ordered

My crowning achievment symbolizing one of man's greatest treasures, water. Giving life, beauty, and comfort, and so necessary for continued existence.

  • SOLD, Archive
  • Began as a 14 lb. quartz crystal
  • Austrailian Opal Waterfall
  • Bi-color Tourmaline Cat
  • Bronze Base