About Me

This portrait was taken as I began the jade portrait of Teddy, a beloved American Draft Palamino, now available in bronze. I had to bundle up for my studio was in an non insulated basement studio in the midwest. I asked myself what I should be thinking as my sister, Christine Beunaiche, was taking this practice shot for her class; My deepest wish came to mind, to help the world.

And now in retrospect, twenty years later, my resume says it all. Funny how it all starts to make sense when we review our day, our year, our life. Make Art, build Community, Explore, and Recreate and Learn from History.  And along the way, appreciate those in our life and who cross our paths. Finding meaning: that first question, 'Why', took me on quite a journey. Led me to understand the power of Prayer and Meditation, and Love for the highest good of Everyone and Everything. Sometimes the journey to love and forgive ourselves is the hardest of all.